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Addressing a Measurement Gap by Linking State All-Payer Claims Database with State Cancer Registry Data
A limitation of the central cancer registries to examine associations between mammography use and cancer diagnosis is their lack of cancer screening h...
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In Three States, Growth In Prescription Drug Spending Is Unaffordable Even When Accounting For Rebates
Over the past five years, several states have implemented statewide cost growth targets to increase transparency and accountability around the drivers...
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Potentially Preventable Emergency Room Visits
Using data from the Rhode Island APCD, HealthFacts RI, the State of RI can now track potentially preventable emergency room visits over time, determin...
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A Preliminary Look at Chronic Conditions in Rhode Island
If you are concerned about your family's health and the health of your community, then you have likely heard about chronic conditions like diabet...
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HealthFacts RI Interactive Reports
Rhode Island has an interactive tool with Basic Population Statistics, and multiple Key Measures including: Breast Cancer Screening Rate, Cervical Can...
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Medication-assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder in Rhode Island: Who Gets Treatment, and Does Treatment Improve Health Outcomes?
The New England Public Policy Center at the Boston Fed recently released a report entitled “Medication-assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder in R...
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The New England States’ All-Payer Report on Primary Care Payments
The purpose of this report is to use standardized data to identify the percentage of all-payer primary care spending relative to overall healthcare sp...
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Making Health Care More Affordable: A Playbook for Implementing a State Cost Growth Target
This playbook provides a program design and implementation roadmap for states that are interested in, or in the process of, establishing a healthcare ...
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RI APCD Dental Dashboard
In May 2022, Rhode Island published an interactive suite of publicly facing reports on dental insurance coverage and utilization using APCD data.
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