Potentially Preventable Health Care Events in Minnesota

MDH-MNAPCD report cover showing a doctor smiling and talking to a child patient and a caregiver
July 2015

Contact: MN-APCD
Email:  health.apcd@state.mn.us

The Minnesota Department of Health used Minnesota claims data from 2012 to analyze administrative healthcare transactions for 4.3 million privately and publicly insured Minnesotans. They found that Minnesotans experienced approximately 1.3 million potentially preventable health care events in the year, which accounted for $1.9 billion in medical spending. These events included emergency department visits, hospital stays and hospital readmission that all could have been potentially prevented with timely access to primary care, better care coordination and prescription management; as well as improved health care literacy by patients and better coordination across providers and between patients, their families, providers and social support services. By improving upon each of these areas, providers will work towards decreasing the occurrence of these potentially preventable events, while helping to better the community and population health.

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