Potentially Preventable Emergency Room Visits

Potentially Preventable Emergency Room Visits report
February 2016

Contact: Jame Lucht
Email: James.Lucht@ohic.ri.gov

Using data from the Rhode Island APCD, HealthFacts RI, the State of RI can now track potentially preventable emergency room visits over time, determine the reasons for these visits, and implement interventions to help prevent them in the future. As stated in their report, a potentially preventable emergency room visit happens when a patient goes to an emergency room for a health condition that could have been prevented, or treated in a non-emergency setting. Treatment in an emergency room is generally more expensive than a primary care visit. Sometimes people go to the emergency room because they do not have access to high quality care and follow-up. It is generally less expensive, and better for patients, to seek regular medical care from a primary care doctor, and go to the emergency room only when needed.

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