Health Care Cost and Utilization Report

Health Care Cost and Utilization Report 2011 Vermont
April 2014

Contact: Health Care Cost Institute
Email: NA

This is the first report by the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) in cooperation with the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) about the health care trends of employer sponsor insured Vermonters (VESI) younger than age 65. For this project, HCCI relied on 2007 2011 data from the Vermont Healthcare Claims Uniform Reporting and Evaluation System (VHCURES) all payers claims data base maintained by the GMCB. This dataset provided HCCI with claims from more than 90 percent of the VESI population, or about 305,000 Vermonters per year. The primary aim of the HCCI GMCB collaboration was to investigate the drivers of VESI health care spending and examine those trends over time. 

The secondary aim of the collaboration was to compare Vermont findings to the employer sponsored (ESI) population nationally. Therefore, metrics in this report were designed to be comparable to HCCI’s 2012 Health Care Cost and Utilization Report All national statistics reported in this document come from that report and the underlying dataset associated with it.

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