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The Health Care Costs of Extreme Heat
“A new report produced by an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff and students at Virginia Commonwealth University and published by the Center fo...
State: Virginia
Consumers, Health Reform, Population Health, Providers, Researchers Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare Utilization
2015 Healthcare Pricing Transparency
The Virginia Health Information (VHI) released a price transparency report highlighting price differences of over 30 services across different regions...
State: Virginia
Consumers, Health Reform, Providers Commercial Cost, Utilization
Chronic Conditions in Virginia
Virginia analyzed the prevalence of chronic conditions among its residents with commercial insurance under the age of 65 using all-payer claims databa...
State: Virginia
Consumers, Employers, Population Health, Providers, Researchers Commercial Cost, Quality
Potentially Avoidable ED Visits in 2015
Virginia Health Information analyzed the growing overuse of unnecessary care throughout the state using data from the Virginia All Payer Claims Databa...
State: Virginia
Consumers, Employers, Health Reform, Insurance Department, Population Health, Providers, Researchers Cost, Quality, Utilization
Drug Problem Grows Worse in Martinsville, Henry County
A recent study observing the West Piedmont Health District of Virginia found that over a short five month period, this area experienced the third wors...
State: Virginia
Consumers, Employers, Medicaid, Population Health, Providers, Researchers Commercial, Medicaid Quality, Utilization
New Long-Term Opioid Prescription-Filling Behavior Arising in the 15 Months After Orthopaedic Surgery in Virginia
This study determined the rates of long-term opioid prescription-filling behavior after common orthopaedic surgical procedures in patients who were no...
State: Virginia
Consumers, Population Health, Researchers Commercial Utilization
Patient, Provider, and Health Care System Characteristics Associated With Overuse in Bronchiolitis
This study determined the patient, provider, and health care system characteristics that are associated with receipt of low-value services.
State: Virginia
Providers, Researchers Quality
Potentially Avoidable ED Visits
An emergency department visit is considered potentially avoidable when the care provided may have been more appropriately managed by a primary care pr...
State: Virginia
Consumers, Health Reform, Providers, Researchers Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare Cost
Using State All-Payer Claims Data to Identify the Active Primary Care Workforce: A Novel Study in Virginia
Our novel method of identifying active physicians with a primary care scope provides a realistic size of the primary care workforce in Virginia, small...
State: Virginia
Providers, Researchers Utilization