APCD Council Vendor List

The following list is an initial attempt to catalog those vendors who are operating in the APCD “space” and either have responded to RFPs or are providing services to states. These services include pre-implementation technical consulting, implementation consulting, data aggregation and management, data analytics, and analytic tools such as groupers. Some vendors, but not all, have successfully won bids in APCD states. Some have been respondents to RFI or RFP processes only and not been selected. Others have proactively contacted the APCD Council. However, given their interest and effort in responses, they have been listed to provide a more complete “universe” for states to consider when looking for vendor services. Another notable vendor is Buccaneer Data Services LLC who provides the Medicare data from ResDAC/CMS.

Vendor Name

Implementation Consulting

Data Aggregation and Warehouse Management

Data Analytics (Research Papers, Websites, Other)

Analytic Tools Such as CRG, ETG, or Other Groupers

States Themselves



Analytics Partners  


Arrowhead Analytics




Compass Health Analytics




DataBay Resources  







FAIR Health

Forum One    

Freedman HealthCare




General Dynamics Information Technology




Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI)  

Health Dialog



Human Services Research Institute (HSRI)


IHS Global Insight




Information Builders



JEN Associates


Mathematica Policy Research










ONPOINT Health Data



Prometheus Research    






Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.  


SPECTRE Enterprises Incorporated






Thedacare Center for Healthcare Value


University of Minnesota



University of New Hampshire, Center for Health Analytics



University of New England, Center for Health Policy, Planning and Research







The APCD Council remains vendor neutral and is not endorsing any of the vendors on this list, but increasingly as states become interested in APCDs, they ask the Council who provides what services. The chart below is culled from conversations, RFIs, RFPs, and contracts we have been exposed to.

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