Title or Name of APCD System: 
WHIO Health Datamart
Existing Voluntary Effort
Who Maintains the System: 
Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO)
First Year APCD Collected Data: 
APCD Snapshot: 
The Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO) was voluntarily created in 2005 by members made up of providers, employers, payers and the state to improve the transparency, quality and efficiency of healthcare in Wisconsin. WHIO members and subscribers use the data to identify gaps in care for treatment of chronic conditions, and provide real-world data about the costs per episode of care, population health, preventable hospital readmissions, variations in prescribing patterns, and much more. WHIO releases two updates each year, often adding new data contributors with each release. As of the last release (DMV13), the WHIO Datamart contains 308 million claims for care provided to more than 4.1 million residents in Wisconsin (72% of the population), exceeding $80 billion in billed charges.
Number of Commercial Sources of Claims Data: 

Sources and Status of APCD Data Collection

Payers Currently Collected Planned Collection
Commercial PayersYes--
Third Party Administrators/Self-FundedYes--
OtherMedicaid FFS and HMO data are collected.
Types of Data Collected Currently Collected Planned Collection
Medical ClaimsYes--
Primary Users/Uses: 
Analyses of cost, efficiency, quality, system utilization, episode analysis, variation in care and public reporting of provider performance.
Future Plans: 
Combine with EMR and socio-economic data to enhance value.
Contact Information: 
For more information please contact Dana Richardson at dana.richardson@wisconsinhealthinfo.org.