Title or Name of APCD System
  • Vermont Healthcare Claims Uniform Reporting and Evaluation System (VHCURES)
Who Maintains the System
  • Vermont Green Mountain Care Board
Legal Authority
  • On an annualized basis, we have been spending approximately $750,000 for outsources data collection, processing, consolidation, analytics and report generation, and for agency FTEs to administer the program. We anticipate that this increase if we include
First Year APCD Collected Data
  • 2007
APCD Snapshot
  • Vermont’s statute indicates that their APCD was created as a resource for multiple stakeholders to measure performance of the health care system. There have also been requests to use the data for modeling ACOs through the Health Care Reform Commission and developing population based reports on spending and utilization in the commercial population.
Number of Commercial Sources of Claims Data
  • 10
Sources and Status of APCD Data Collection
Commercial Payers
  • Currently Collected
Third Party Administrators/Self-Funded
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
Types of Data Collected 
Medical Claims
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
Primary Users/Uses
  • Analyses of cost, utilization, variations in quality, episodes, geographic differences, and risk adjustment.
Future Plans
  • Working with others to secure potential ARRA funds to create a multi-state provider index, registry data, EMR, lab, etc.
Contact Information