Title or Name of APCD System
  • Utah All-Payer Claims Database
Who Maintains the System
  • Utah Department of Health and Human Services, Healthcare Information and Analysis Program
Legal Authority
First Year APCD Collected Data
  • 2009
APCD Snapshot
  • The Utah All-Payer Claims Database became the fifth operating APCD in the nation in September 2009. Participating plans submit enrollment, medical, pharmacy, and provider files. As of 2021, Utah’s APCD includes data from health plans which cover approximately 2.1 million lives and representing most of the state’s commercially-insured market.
Number of Commercial Sources of Claims Data
  • 51
Sources and Status of APCD Data Collection
Commercial Payers
  • Currently Collected
Third Party Administrators/Self-Funded
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
  • Planned Collection
Types of Data Collected 
Medical Claims
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
Primary Users/Uses
  • Planning capability to provide analyses of cost, efficiency, quality of care, system utilization, patterns of care, geographic differences, and physician based reporting.
Future Plans
  • Analyses of cost and efficiency, quality of care, system utilization, patterns of care/episodes of care, geographic differences, physician-based reporting.
Contact Information