Title or Name of APCD System
  • Oregon All Payer All Claims (APAC) Database
Who Maintains the System
  • Office of Health Analytics, Health Policy and Analytics Division, Oregon Health Authority (OHA)
Legal Authority
  • Initial budget was $700,000
First Year APCD Collected Data
  • 2010
APCD Snapshot
  • Oregon has created a state-based APCD to collect data on all paid claims (starting January 2010) from commercial health insurance carriers, licensed third party administrators, pharmacy benefit managers, Medicaid managed care organizations, Medicaid fee-for-service and Medicare parts C and D. Oregon collects Medicare parts A and B from CMS, but does not release this data to external users.
Number of Commercial Sources of Claims Data
  • 70
Covered Lives
  • 3.2 million
Sources and Status of APCD Data Collection
Commercial Payers
  • Currently Collected
Third Party Administrators/Self-Funded
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
Types of Data Collected 
Medical Claims
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
Primary Users/Uses
  • APAC is an integral component of Oregon’s ongoing health care improvement efforts and provides access to timely and reliable data that are essential to improving health care quality, reducing costs, and promoting transparency. APAC’s legislative framework permits the use of the database to inform activities related to health care operations, treatment, payment, public health, and research. OHA and other Oregon state agencies use APAC to fulfill legislative mandates for data that can inform the development and evaluation of health policies, as well as guide and assess programmatic efforts to improve health access, outcomes, and costs. APAC is also used by external, non-state users to study population health issues and drive health system improvements.
Future Plans
  • Moving forward, OHA is seeking new ways to expand APAC’s reach and further its ability to inform health care improvement efforts. As Oregon’s health system evolves, APAC will evolve as well. For example, beginning in September 2017, APAC will collect data on alternative payment methods – that is, non-claims payments that payers make to health care providers. Adding these data to APAC will provide a more comprehensive look at the complete universe of health care payments in the state. As health care payment models across the nation continue to shift away from traditional fee-for-service arrangements towards capitated arrangements, provider performance incentives, and other alternative payment strategies, APAC will be able to shed light on the prevalence of different health care payment methods in Oregon.
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