Title or Name of APCD System
  • Data Analytic Interface (DAI)
Who Maintains the System
  • Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and the Division of Health Care Finance (DHCF)
Legal Authority
First Year APCD Collected Data
  • 2004
APCD Snapshot
  • The overall goal of the system is accuracy, however, access to the commercial payer data is limited to select individuals and controlled by the Kansas Insurance Department. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) is currently reporting from the Medicaid and State Employee Health Plan data sets.
Number of Commercial Sources of Claims Data
  • 18
Covered Lives
  • Commercial - 1.2 million (2014); Medicaid - 412,740 (as of December 2015)
Sources and Status of APCD Data Collection
Commercial Payers
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
  • Since July 2011, Kansas has acquired Medicaid claims databases which are integrated into the data warehouse. The data warehouse also includes state employee health plan (2009 onward) and KHIIS commercial claims (2009 onward). All data is maintained on a rolling five year cycle. 2009 - 2012 Medicaid data is fee for service, 2012 onward is managed care.
Types of Data Collected 
Medical Claims
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
  • Currently Collected
Primary Users/Uses
  • Analyses of cost, efficiency, quality, system utilization, episodes, and geographical/racial differences.
Contact Information
  • For more information please contact:

    Jeremy Howard

    KHIIS Program Manager

    Kansas Department of Health & Environment

    Division of Health Care Finance