Title or Name of APCD System: 
Connecticut All Payer Claims Database
Who Maintains the System: 
Access Health CT
APCD Snapshot: 
The Connecticut APCD was established in 2012. With the passage of Public Act 13-247, the Connecticut General Assembly authorized Access Health CT (Connecticut’s health insurance exchange) to “(A) Oversee the planning, implementation and administration of the all-payer claims database program for the purpose of collecting, assessing and reporting health care information relating to safety, quality, cost-effectiveness, access and efficiency for all levels of health care; (B) ensure that data received from reporting entities is securely collected, compiled and stored in accordance with state and federal law; and (C) conduct audits of data submitted by reporting entities in order to verify its accuracy.” PA 13-247 further directs Access Health CT to “(A) Utilize data in the all-payer claims database to provide health care consumers in the state with information concerning the cost and quality of health care services that allows such consumers to make economically sound and medically appropriate health care decisions; and (B) make data in the all-payer claims database available to any state agency, insurer, employer, health care provider, consumer of health care services or researcher for the purpose of allowing such person or entity to review such data as it relates to health care utilization, costs or quality of health care services. Such disclosure shall be made in accordance with subdivision (2) of subsection (b) of section 38a-1090 of the general statutes, as amended by this act. The exchange may set a fee to be charged to each person or entity requesting access to data stored in the all-payer claims database.”

Sources and Status of APCD Data Collection

Types of Data Collected Currently Collected Planned Collection
Medical ClaimsYes--
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