Small Intervention, Big Impact: Health Care Cost Reductions Related to Medically Tailored Nutrition

JUNE 2018

Contact: Project Angel Heart 



Food is a critical aspect of health care for people living with illnesses like congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and diabetes. Unfortunately, lack of disease-specific nutrition knowledge, low energy, and financial constraints due to hospital bills, co-pays, emergency department visits, and medications can make eating right especially challenging for people managing illness. Many end up being hospitalized due to malnutrition or other nutrition-related complications. What happens when people living with chronic illness have access to home delivered, medically tailored meals? Research shows this approach has the potential to reduce total health care costs for patients, insurance companies, and communities alike. What impacts health the most? When it comes to health, the quality of your health care matters. But research shows that medical care accounts for only a small fraction of overall health. Other factors, like where you live and what you eat, can have far greater impact. Medically tailored meals are meals approved by a registered dietitian nutritionist that use evidence-based guidelines to ensure positive health outcomes. At Project Angel Heart, we offer a variety of diets, including: standard healthy diet, renalfriendly, heart-healthy, vegetarian, allergy-friendly, and naked/ bland. When you add in texture modifications and additional accommodations for allergies, side effects, and religious beliefs, we create an average of 18-20 different meal variations each day to make sure every client receives food that meets their unique needs.  

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