Cancer Prevalence in Colorado

Cancer Prevalence in Colorado report cover
April 2018

Contact: CIVHC

CIVHC has produced a fifth infographic around cancer prevalence in Colorado sourced from their interactive statewide Condition Prevalence report. The info graphic highlights notable cancer-specific trends and opportunities in Colorado, including:  

  • Breast Cancer is by far the cancer with the highest prevalence (0.79%), followed by prevalence of cervical cancer (0.21%)
  • The cancers reported tend to be more prevalent in the older population (65+), with the exception of cervical cancer which is more prevalence among women (35-64 yrs.)
  • The 35-64 yrs. population covered by Medicare Advantage has the highest prevalence of all cancers reported
  • Cancers tend to be more prevalent in rural counties among the Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Population.