This study determined the patient, provider, and health care system characteristics that are associated with receipt of low-value services.
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Scott Weiner, MD, MPH, Department of Emergency Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital, led a team of investigators in conducting a cohort study t... Learn More
This report investigates the potential cost savings available with outpatient procedures by comparing costs for services performed at hospitals to tho... Learn More
This report was produced by Onpoint Health Data and used data from Washington’s All-Payer Claims Database ( It looks at claims between... Learn More
Analysis linking Massachusetts' All-Payer Claims Database with Massachusetts Cancer Registry data to assess factors associated with BRCA1/2 testi... Learn More
A report and online dashboard for exploring prices and potential savings for specific inpatient and outpatient hospital procedures in Oregon. Learn More
Report from the Office of the Insurance Commissioner and Onpoint Health Data analyzing health care cost trends in Washington state, looking at both us... Learn More
This report analyzes the medical and pharmaceutical costs for diabetes in New Hampshire’s commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare populations. Learn More
The purpose of this report is to use standardized data to identify the percentage of all-payer primary care spending relative to overall healthcare sp... Learn More
This playbook provides a program design and implementation roadmap for states that are interested in, or in the process of, establishing a healthcare ... Learn More
An overview of Washington State's Balance Billing Provision Act (BBPA) and arbitration along with useful forms, links, and datasets. Learn More
This analysis provides predictive analytical modeling based on administrative claims history for individualized risk profiles at hospital admission th... Learn More
This Analysis provides stakeholders with information to understand telehealth services prior to the onset of COVID-19 and the impact the pandemic has ... Learn More
This analysis contains 2019 pediatric medical and pharmacy claims data from commercial and Medicaid payers in New Hampshire. Learn More
We examined trends, geographic variation, and price effects of vertical integration and joint contracting between physicians and hospitals, using phys... Learn More
In May 2022, Rhode Island published an interactive suite of publicly facing reports on dental insurance coverage and utilization using APCD data. Learn More
An emergency department visit is considered potentially avoidable when the care provided may have been more appropriately managed by a primary care pr... Learn More
This report includes trend information throughout 2019 and 2020 by type of dental treatments, age, and payer type, and displays utilization impacts as... Learn More
Our novel method of identifying active physicians with a primary care scope provides a realistic size of the primary care workforce in Virginia, small... Learn More