Requests for Proposals

State RFP/RFI Status Submission Deadline
Rhode Island Data Management Vendor for the Rhode Island All-Payer Claims Database Open February 21, 2022 EST
New Hampshire RFP-2022-OCOM-02-COMPR
Comprehensive Healthcare Information System
Closed December 7, 2021, 11:59 PM
Minnesota Minnesota All Payer Claims Database Process Support Closed 10/25/2021 4:00 PM CT
Hawaii Med-QUEST Project Management For Health Analytics Program Closed 07/02/2021 2:00 PM
Maryland Data Management for the Maryland Medical Care Data Base (MCDB) Closed June 30, 2021 by 4:00PM EST
Missouri Midwest Health Initiative's Health Information Blueprint Project Closed May 12, 2021
Nevada Division of Health Care Financing and Policy Request for Information (RFI) No. 40DHHS-S1397 for ALL PAYERS CLAIMS DATABASE (APCD) Closed January 13, 2021
Indiana State of Indiana RFI 21-002 Closed November 30, 2020

Integrated Analytic Data Platform to support Med-QUEST (Medicaid) Analytics

Closed March 20, 2020
Oregon State of Oregon, RFP #DASPS-1569-19 ALL PAYER CLAIMS DATABASE (APCD) SOLUTION AND RELATED SERVICES and supplemental workbook Closed December 31, 2019
Washington RFP #3892 Washington APCD Lead Organizaiton Closed October 21, 2019
Vermont Vermont Health Care Uniform Reporting and Evaluation System (VHCURES) 3.0 Closed October 24, 2018
Vermont Quick Call for Proposals (“Quick Call”) Assessing the Opportunity for the Minnesota All Payer Claims Database to Strengthen Value in Medicaid Closed May 24, 2019



January 15, 2016

Washington All Payer Health Care Claims Database (APCD) Lead Organization and Data Vendor Services (RFP #15-1400) Closed December 21, 2015 by 3:30 PM PST
Pennsylvania PA APCD Planning Consultant Closed November 6, 2015
Colorado CO APCD Data Vendor Closed

Responses are due on October 2, 2015 (EXTENDED)

New York Request for Proposal #15809: All Payer Database Project: Data Warehouse and Data Analytics Closed
  • Written Questions Due Date - April 30, 2015 at 4:00PM ET
  • Response to Written Questions Due Date - (On or about) July  1, 2015
  • Letter of Intent to Bid (Optional) - August 20, 2015
  • Proposals Due Date (No later than) - September 3, 2015 by 4:00PM ET
  • Contract Start Date (Anticipated) - December 2015
Massachusetts Request for Quote (RFQ) - Master Data Management Project Closed
  • Written Questions Due Date - June 8, 2015 at 12PM EST
  • Proposals Due Date - June 16, 2015 at 12PM EST

RFP for Prescription Drug Data Analysis

Questions and Responses from MDH (Updated June 15, 2015)

  • Written Questions Due Date - June 8, 2015
  • Proposals Due Date - June 22, 2015
Utah Request for Information - Health Data Improvement Closed
  • Q&A Due - February 27, 2015 at 11AM MT
  • Bid End Date - March 6, 2015 at 11AM MT
Tennessee Request for Proposal - Maintenance and Operation of Provider Systems, Portals, and Databases Closed December 19, 2014

Request for Proposal - Green Mountain Care Board All Payer Claims Database [VHCURES.0]

Closed July 16, 2014
California California Health Benefit Exchange (Covered California)RFP 2013-08 Enterprise Analytics Solution Closed June 20, 2014
Rhode Island RFP 7548605: Analytics for Rhode Island's All-Payer Claims Database Closed April 22, 2014
Connecticut Connecticut's APCD Data APCD Vendor Selection RFP Closed  
California Draft RFP for Clinical and Network Analytics Closed  
Hawaii Hawaii RFI 2014 Closed  
Arkansas APCD RFP RR-120142; Addendum 1; Addendum 2; Addendum 3; Addendum 4; Questions and Answers to RFP Closed  
California RFI CDI 13038: Health Care Price Transparency Services Closed  
Arkansas RFI-001-1213: APCD RFI Closed  
Maine RFP # 201207352: Health Data Warehouse Vendor Closed  
Maryland MHCC 10-001: RFP for Data Collection Support and Analytic Report Development Closed  
Wisconsin WHIO-102013: RFI for Paid Health Claims Data Aggregation, Data Analysis and Reporting Closed  
Alaska RFP 2013-0600-1259: All Payer Claims Database Feasibility Study Closed  
Colorado CIVHC RFP APCD 2011-01 Closed  
Rhode Island RFP #7449224: All Payor Data Base (APCD) Data Aggregator Vendor Closed  
New Hampshire RFP 12-OMBP-CHIS-01: Claims Data Collection, Validation, and Consolidation Closed  
Minnesota Notice of Availability of Contract for Encounter Database Administrator Closed  
Minnesota RFP for the design and implementation of the Minnesota Health Care Claims Reporting System (MHCCRS) Closed