Issue Briefs and Fact Sheets

All-Payer Claims Database Development Manual: Establishing a Foundation for Health Care Transparency and Informed Decision Making, APCD Council and West Health Policy Center, February 2015

The Basics of All-Payer Claims Databases: A Primer for States, January 2014

APCD Legislation: Review of Current Practices and Critical Elements, November 2013

Developing an APCD Request for Proposal: Guidance for States, November 2013

Why State All-Payer Claims Databases Matter to Employers, Miller, June 2012

History of APCD Council Harmonization Efforts, October 2011

All-Payer Claims Database Technical Build Guidance Document, July 2011

All-Payer Claims Databases 2.0:  The Next Evolution, July 2011

Fact Sheet: APCD and Health Reform, June 2011

Cost and Funding Considerations for a Statewide All-Payer Claims Database (APCD), March 2011

Key State Health Care Databases for Improving Health Care Delivery, February 2011 

Standardization of Data Collection in All-Payer Claims Databases: A Fact Sheet, January 2011

All-Payer Claims Database (APCD) Fact Sheet, November 2010

All-Payer Claims Databases in Public Health and Medicaid: A Fact Sheet, November 2010

All-Payer Claims Databases: State Initiatives to Improve Health Care Transparency, September 2010

Academy Health State Coverage Initiative – All-Payer Claims Databases: An Overview for Policymakers, May 2010

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